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  • Astride

    I’m trying to go natural, right now i have a weave in my hair. I went natural then I perm it for my birthday on February. I’m trying but I’m so lazy and i don’t know how to do hair. Help?

    • brittanybass@live.com

      Hello! If you’re too lazy to put them in then I suggest you go to a salon and have them done.

  • Justina

    Any advice for fast natural hair growth because ever since texturizing my hir i feel as it keeps getting shorter not longer.

    • brittanybass@live.com

      A texturizer is a milder version of a relaxer. That may be why it’s breaking off. It’s in a fragile state.

  • Angie

    Hi, I want to do the senegalese box riads / twits and need to know how long did you get your hair to-your waist?also how many times did they cut the expressions hair-for a gauge of length-normally its all one length and they cut in two or three etc

    • Kyss

      1. The kinky hair I use is free tress equal marley hair or janet collection noir. I don’t cut the hair.
      2. The expressions hair is in half one.

      Hope this helps.

  • Angie

    What products do you use to wash and moisturise your hair while its in braids and when its in its natural state?

  • NB

    How long do you keep your hair in braids/twists since you don’t wash them?